Selection members

Let us introduce to you: “Team KerstVeiling Marienheem”. Team KVM. 
Because we have a team of professionals  that is selecting the horses for the Kerstveiling, we can guarantee the quality of the horses that we offer you in our auction. The members of the selection committee might be the most important persons to make the auction a success. We don’t have to introduce these people to you because they have all shown to be special horse spotters. They have all trained, spotted or owned a series of very successful friesians. That gives us the confidence that they can select a collection of horses that is a promise for the future.

If you have any questions about entering your horse for the auction or about the auction conditions you can contact us by email:

Ingeborg Klooster

Ingeborg Klooster

Ingeborg Klooster Dressage

Keizersveldweg 15

8106 AG Marienheem
Tel: 06-53209043

Age Okkema

Age Okkema

Stal de Merksen

De Mersken 6
9248 WR Siegerswoude
Tel: 06-50247820

Jelmer Chardon

Jelmer Chardon

Stal Chardon

Hesenserreed 5
9023 AP Jorwert
Tel: 06-42314865

Tom Folmer

Tom Folmer

De Nieuwe Heuvel

Veenstraat 1
6741 EC Lunteren
Tel: 06-21675366

Auction conditions for sellers;

If your horse is selected for the Kerstveilng you will have to agree on the following conditions;
*The horse has to be presented with a recent clinical report or clinical and x-ray report. The member of the selection committee that does the viewing of your horse will talk this through with you.
*A payment of E 250,= for the making of the video’s and pictures and entering fee.
*If your horse is sold in the auction you will receive the amount of the selling price -7.5% auction fee 14 days after the auction. If the buyer of your horse fails to pay your horse to the Kerstveiling, our payment expires and a procedure is started to receive the payment from the buyer. If the buyer of your horse presents serious defects after the horse is sold within 14 days after delivery, the payment is parked and seller, buyer and secretary of the Kerstveiling will consult together first.
*On the day of the auction the horse is checked clinical again. We remain the right to not enter your horse for the auction.
*The seller is obligated to present the horse in the auction. When a horse is accepted but not presented to the auction by the owner we will bill 7.5% auction fee of the minimum selling price + 250 entering fee. If a horse is not presented due to health problems a declaration of your veterinarian should be emailed to, in this case you don’t get billed for the extra costs.
*The seller will present the horse well groomed on the day of the auction and the day we plan to make the pictures and videos for the website. It is possible to have your horse prepared by a member of the selection committee, this is in their personal terms, you can contact them for more information and conditions.
*On the day of the auction your horse has to be presented with: passport, original studbook pedigree and a clinical report. For the older horses we expect an x-ray report as well. If your horse is sold in the auction the seller will send the studbook pedigree to the studbook after he receives the payment, so the pedigree can be put in the name of the buyer. The secretary of the auction can also take care of this part if you prefer that.

Kerstveiling 2022

Introduce your horse to the selection committee

If you want to introduce your horse to the selection committee you can email a member of Team KVM or the secretary on: containing the following information;
*copy of the pedigree
*as much information as possible about your horse, for example; level of training, offspring, special results, pregnancy and the health status.
*indication of the price.
*possible preference for a selection member.

When we receive your information, one of the members of Team KVM will get in touch with you. If your horse fits the criteria he or she will schedule an appointment with you to see the horse. After the viewing the secretary will contact you about the rest of the process and if your horse is accepted for the auction. In case your horse is accepted you will receive the auction conditions by email, which we like to receive from you when you have signed them.

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