Geke J

Tallina vd Schans

UELN#: 528004202201847
Chipnummer: 528246003202462
Geboortedatum: 28-04-2022
Geslacht: Merrie
Afstamming: Fryso x Haitse
Inteelt: 2,15
Fokker: B Katoele, Balkbrug
Eigenaar: B Katoele, Balkbrug
Opleiding: halstermak
Keuring: klinisch
Stam 50




Tallina is a well developed mare foal. She has royal appearance en radiates power. Tallina has a good walk and a very powerful trot. She is a “first edition” foal from Fryso and appears to have the same strength in her movement as her daddy. Her mother is from the Boszorg damline, which is almost a guarantee for success! Tallina is easy to handle and a friendly foal.

Tallina is clinically healthy.



Tallina vd Schans