How do I bid?

1. Register In order to take part in the online auction you need to register yourself. You can do that by clicking on the button “Register”, you fill out your personal details. Note that the name you register as “Username” will be shown to other users when you place a bid on a horse. You can also use a nickname. It is smart to note your password somewhere safe. Your password must contain: at least 1 capital, 1 letter and 1 number or punctuation mark.

2. Time counter On the time counter you can see how long the auction that you are interested in is ongoing.

3. Place your bid When you are registered you can place a bid on any horse in the auction, just follow the instructions. -first you log in with your username and password. – you can place a bid on a horse by filling out the price that you want to bid. The system will ask you to confirm your bid, click “ok”, now your bid is confirmed. When you check the list of biddings underneath the horse your name and the bid will show, that way you can check it yourself. you will receive an email confirming the bid that you placed on which horse. -If another buyer places a higher bid after you you will receive an email which tells you that you have been outbidden. We advise you to check that on the website too, definately when the auction is almost finished. -When the auction ends (see time counter) there will be 5 minutes added to the original time when a new bid is placed, that way you have 5 minutes extra to overthink your bid before placing it.

4. Winner When your bid is the last bid on the horse you are bidding on and the time counter is finished you are the winner of this auction. You will becontacted by the secretary of the auction. You will also receive an invoice: the final bidding + 10% auction fee.

5. Change your password If you would like to change your username, password or emailadres during the auction you can do so by clicking on the button “my account” and follow the instructions.

6. Questions? For any questions you still have after reading this information you can contact Stichting Kerstveiling by email or telephone.

More information?

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