Unyck K

UELN#: 528004202202775
Chipnumber: 528210006909834
Date of birth: 24-05-2022
Gender: stallion
Pedigree: Tiede x Bartele
Inbreeding percentage: 3,32
Premium: 2022 1st premium
Breeder: H.J.M Korten, Weert
Owner: H.J.M Korten, Weert
Training/education: Handeld
Health test: clinical
Damline: 219


A foal like this one is hard to find! Unyck is a stallion with a phenomenal appearance! He has a very good walk, in trot it looks like he is taking off in the air! He has a beautiful head and a lot of self carriage when he moves. The 1st premium he received at the show was absolutely a deserved one!

Unyck has no white in his hoofs and 2 descended testikels:so he is a future contender for the stallion show. That’s actually where we expect him in the future!

Unyck is clinically healthy.

Photo and video