Ukke van de Keizershoeve

UELN#: 528004202201902
Chipnumber: 528210006828466
Date of birth: 11-05-2022
Pedigree: Olgert x Tsjalle
Gender: Mare
Premium: 2022, 3rd premium.    
Inbreeding percentage: 0,59
Breeder: B. Jonkman Marienheem
Owner: B. Jonkman Marienheem
Training/education: Handeld
Health test: Clinically


Ukke is a well developed mare foal, with a luxurious type. She behaves herself well and is already quite mature. Ukke has a good walk and a lot of expression in trot.

Her mother is modelmare Setske van Oostenburg, who was also sold in our auction as a foal. Setske’s mother, Nynke fan Skanswyke is the mother of approved studbook stallion Menne. Father Olgert is known for his own sportresults and those of his children at the highest level.

At the foal show Ukke was having fun and showed only canter, which isn’t judged for a foal premium, but is very good! In the future we expect higher premiums for Ukke, who is a promise for the future, as well in sports as at the mare shows.

Ukke is clinically healthy. 

Photo and video


Pedigree Ukke van de Keizershoeve