Milla van Friesenhof Altmark

Milla van Friesenhof Altmark

UELN#: 276004202001346
Chipnumber: 276098106925048
Date of birth: 24-04-2020
Color: black
Pedigree: Omer x Jasper
Gender: mare
Premium: 2020 2nd premium,  2022 2nd premium
Inbreeding percentage: 0,39
Breeder: D Elling, Klotze
Owner: Ingeborg Klooster Dressage, Marienheem
Training/education: started lunging
Health test: clinical
Damline: 122


Milla is a very modern 2 year old mare, she is super correct and luxurious in her type, with lots of hair. She has a very good and strong walk and a sensational trot. The engine is at the right place.

Milla is friendly and well behaved and already knows a bit of work, she is a bit spicy, but absolutely honest. We expect to hear about Milla in the future at the mare shows. For us she is at the same level as Floor van de Egberdina Hoeve, who was sold in the auction of 2019. She was declared kroon in the year after the auction.

Milla is clinically healthy.

Photo and video