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In 1998 the very first Christmas auction took place. In the 25 years existing lots of topclass were sold.

On this page you can see a selection of horses that are sold in the Kerstveiling in the past. The whole list is too long! Not only horses that are sold were successful in dressage competitions and inspections of the kfps, there are countless horses that found new owners who don’t do competitions or inspections, but make their owners smile every day! Which is as worthy as succes!

Horses from the Kerstveiling are not only sold in the Netherlands, but also abroad. You can find them in countries as: Canada, Austria, Sweden, Mexico, United States of America, Australia, Finland, France and Poland.
For a lot of these horses we arranged the transport with our team.

Onyx Talina K

Sold in 2022. Onyx became 1st premium star mare in 2023

Missis Boszorg

Missis Boszorg was sold in 2022, in 2023 she became preliminary crown and KFPS champion 3 year old on the central mare show

Joekel vd Zunne

Joekel, stallion sold in the Kerstveiling 2019, declared star in 2022.

Merci Boszorg

Sold in 2022. merci Boszorg became 2nd premium star mare in 2023

Noortje vd Terpen

Sold in 2022. Noortje became 2nd premium star in 2023.

Venna vd Marren

Venna, sold in the Kerstveiling 2022, 1st premium and champion of the youngsters breeding day ambt delden 2023.

Mintse 384

Mintse was sold in 1998 as a 2 year old, he was approved as a studbook breeding stallion when he was 5 years old. In 2005 he became world champion at the stallion show.

Liefke vd Oude Kleefsebaan

Liefke was sold as a foal in 2019, in 2022 she became a 1st premium star mare!

Setske fan Oostenburg

Setske was sold when she was a foal and the talk of that evening! She became star when she years old, she also made it to the 3rd place in the finals of the friesian talent cup. She did a good ibop and was declared crown as a 4 year old. And in 2020 she even received the model predicate!

Yara van Kreterenhof

Yara was sold when she was a year old as a promise for the future. And she really appeared to be a talent! She became 1st premium star and received the crown predicate. As a crown mare she won several inspections and championships!

Floor van de Egberdina Hoeve

Floor was sold as a 2 year old in 2019, in 2020 she did a successful abfp test and became 1st premium star, on the same day she received her crown predicate!

Desna van de Waterhoeve

2 year old Desna van de Waterhoeve was declared 2nd premium star in 2020.

Hitte B fan Hakkevelt

Hitte was sold when she was 1 year old and was declared star as a 3 year old!

Sjieke van de Klei

Sjieke was sold as a crown mare in 2019, in 2020 she received the model predicate, which is super exclusive!

Diny Hamann

Diny was sold as a 2 year old in 2019, she became 2nd premium star in 2020.

More horses

Akky fan e Boskranne
Akky was sold as a 6 year old starmare in the auction, the next year she was champion of the breeders day in wolvega, and at the Central mare inspection that year she was crowned as a model mare!

Gonda vd Dompstede
Gonda was sold as a 3 year old star mare. When she was 7 years old she was also crowned as a model mare!

Amalia vd Wisselplaats
Probably the horse that was the most sensational ever! She was sold as a yearling and stood out for her looks and sensational moves!! As a 2 year old she won the national championship of Holland for 2 year old mares. When she was 3 she became star. And later she received the crown predicate, she also won several inspections after that!

Maaike Brechtje
Sold as a yearling in the auction and easily became star and later on crown. She also received the sport predicate. Interesting detail: maike is the mother of approved breeding stallion and grand prix sport horse: Elias!!

Haitrix was sold as a 3 year old star mare in the auction. She won a lot of championhips afterwards and did an abfp Test that was the best of that whole year!

Ottie was sold as a yearling and dis the almost impossible: she received a 1st premium at the breeders day every time she competed. She was sold to the USA and became crown there.


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