The most spectacular Friesian horse auction
17th December 2022
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Program Kerstveiling 2022

16.00 hrs – presentation of the auction horses 

17.15 hrs – stables open for visitors to view the auction horses

18.45 hrs – start of the auction: “Kerstveiling “

22.30 hrs – afterparty.

17th December 2022

A fantastic collection of exclusive friesian horses.

In 2019 the Kerstveiling Marienheem was back after a few years break. We all tried our very best to make it a great evening and a succes! We think we did manage to do so! Great shows, the best horses and a super atmosphere. We would never have been able to do that without the help of all superheros that took part in the organization. 

Sadly the rules that we were required to follow due to the COVID19 virus made it impossible to organize this evening the way you are used to in the past 2 years….

But… behind the scenes we are already working on the Kerstveiling 2022! Save the date, saturday the 17th of December! This edition of the Kerstveiling will be one as you are used to; an evening with spectaculair shows and a collection of amazing friesian horses. Our selection members are already searching for quality friesians that we can offer you. Do you have a horse that might be interesting for the auction; please contact us!

You can check out the entire collection of horses on the website, way before the auction starts. We will show you videos, pictures and all possible in and outs about their  health and studbook information.

For questions about entering a horse or a horse that is shown on our website you can contact us by phone or email.

Stay tuned!

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The very first edition of the Christmas auction!

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The date is official; Kerstveiling 2022!

The date is official; Kerstveiling 2022!

The date is official; Kerstveiling 2022!After 2 years we can not wait to organize the Kerstveilg again. so please, do mark your calendar: Saturday the 17th of December at Manege Bartels in Marienheem! It will again be a great evening filled with spectaculair shows and...

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Team of selectors
The members of our team might be the most important people to make the auction succeed. They don’t need an introduction, because all of them are well known friesian horse people.

Ingeborg Klooster

Age Okkema

Jelmer Chardon

Tom Folmer


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